“Focus On All The Failed Prophecies GOs, Life Imprisonment Bishops, Leave Yul Edochie Alone”

“Focus On All The Failed Prophecies GOs, Life Imprisonment Bishops, Leave Yul Edochie Alone”

Well-known media figure, Daddy Freeze has defended Nollywood actor Yul Edochie against accusations over his new online ministry.

A week ago, Yul declared the opening of his Online church, The Salvation Ministry, where he will be sharing the gospel, signalling that he was at last prepared to answer God’s call.

Many assumed he was merely trying to gain influence until he held his first internet service on Sunday, January 28th, during which he told how God had called him.

In support of him, Daddy Freeze said that as long as Yul preaches the truth, he is just as qualified to start a ministry as any other Nigerian pastor.

More damage is being done to the gospel than Yul is causing, he observed, by a number of pastors whose names he deemed unprintable. It is the failure of GOS and the life sentences of Bishops that should be the focus of Nigerians’ attention, Daddy Freeze said.

Taking to Instagram he wrote,

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“Yul Edochie is not less qualified than any Nigerian pastor to open a ministry. As long as he preaches the truth. Your lying @ss pastors with their f@les monetized doctrines, conjured miracles, and testimonies are doing more harm to the gospel than Yul can ever do. Focus on all the failed prophecies GOs and the life imprisonment Bishops, leave Yul”.


Full Story: https://www.informationng.com/2024/01/focus-on-all-the-failed-prophecies-gos-life-imprisonment-bishops-leave-yul-edochie-alone-daddy-freeze.html
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