El-Rufai spent N255 billion of N310 billion in 2022 budget: Accountant General

El-Rufai spent N255 billion of N310 billion in 2022 budget: Accountant General

Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s government spent N254.9 billion out of the N309.9 billion budgeted for 2022, representing 82.2 per cent of budget performance, leaving a variance of N55 billion. This is according to the fourth quarter budget performance report produced by the accountant general’s office, with the support of the State Planning and Budget Commission.

The report, published on the government’s official website and obtained on Tuesday, shows that the initial budget was N278.6 billion but was revised to N309.9 billion. 

On capital expenditure, the report shows that the government spent N165.6 billion against N196.8 billion budgeted for the year, representing 84.1 per cent performance and leaving a shortfall of N31.3 billion. For recurrent expenditure, the government spent N89.3 billion against N113 billion, representing 79 per cent performance with a shortfall of N23.8 billion.

On revenue performance, the government realised N255.2 billion as against the N309.9 billion projected, representing 82.2 per cent performance with a variance of N54.7 billion. The recurrent revenue made up of the government share of the Federation Allocation Account Committee and internally generated revenue was N150.3 billion as against N157.7 billion, representing 95.3 per cent performance with a variance of N7.5 billion.

The Kaduna government’s FAAC share was N90.3 billion against N83.2 billion, representing 108.5 per cent performance with an increase of N7.5 billion. The IGR was N59.98 billion against the N74.5 billion, representing 80.5 per cent performance and leaving a variance of N14.6 billion. 

The report also shows that transfer to capital account amounted to N103.5 billion against N87.3 billion, representing 118 per cent performance and recording an increase of N16.3 billion. Capital receipt made up of aid and grant, and capital development fund (CDF) receipt for the year amounted to N62.3 billion as against N109.6 billion, representing 56.9 performance with a variance of N47.2 billion.

Aid and grant were N40.3 billion against N63.3 billion, representing 63.6 per cent performance with a variance of N23 billion, while CDF was N22.1 billion as against N46.3 billion, representing 47.7 per cent performance.

On revenue generation by ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), the finance ministry led with N143.6 billion, representing 96.2 per cent of the N149.3 billion targeted for the year. The Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service also generated N35.3 billion, representing 117.7 per cent of the N29.9 billion target, recording an increase of N5.3 billion.

Similarly, the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority generated N2.1 billion against N3.6 billion, while Kaduna Geographic Information Management Service generated NN5.1 billion against the N12.5 billion target.

The health sector recorded 84.2 per cent performance on expenditure performance with N31.3 billion expenditure against the N37.2 billion budgeted for the year. The health ministry spent N17.4 billion against the N18.8 billion budgeted, representing 92 per cent performance, followed by the State Primary Health Care Board, with N8.7 billion against N9 billion, representing 96 per cent performance.

The education sector also recorded a budget performance of 82.9 per cent, with N66.2 billion expenditure against the N79.9 billion allocated for the year. The State Universal Basic Education Board spent N20.1 billion out of the N22.6 billion allocation for the year, representing 91 per cent performance. The education ministry followed with an expenditure of N33 billion out of the N37.3 billion allocation for the year, representing 88.4 per cent performance.

Yusuf Goje, a public finance analyst, observed that despite the commendable performance of the IGR, many of the revenue-generating MDAs did not meet their targets. Mr Goje also pointed out that while education, health and public works and infrastructure sub-sectors performed above 80 per cent, the agricultural sector recorded only 50 per cent performance.

He explained that the sector spent only N1.2 billion out of its N2.3 billion allocation while describing the development as “very disturbing,” considering the sector’s contribution to Kaduna’s economy. 


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