Diversity in fashion: Prince Nelson’s effortless style in varying outfits

Diversity in fashion: Prince Nelson’s effortless style in varying outfits

The beauty of fashion lays in its flexibility, and the ability to express one’s self without boundaries.

There is no textbook rule for how a person should express their creativity when it comes to fashion.

Our muse that knows no boundaries when it comes to fashion for the purpose of this article is BBNaija’s Prince Nelson.

An eagle’s eye analysis will be done for some of his best outfits yet.

1. First on the list in Prince Nelson in a mustard yellow long sleeved top, perfectly paired with teal green loose pants, a yellow beanie, and a pair of white chunky shoes.

Accessories weren’t the main star of the show for this outfit, as Prince Nelson kept it minimal, with only a slim neck chain, a statement wristwatch, and a pair of stud earrings.

2. Denim fashion is one of the trends that have stuck like a glue, from time immemorial. Prince Nelson styled his like a pro, pairing a stone washed denim jacket with a T-shirt, and pair of matching denim trousers. He also added black ankle length shoes, and black beret to the mix.

3. Prince Nelson took business casual to the next level when he pieced this outfit together.

The outfit in question is a white long sleeved shirt, paired with a green armless jacket, and a matching pair of wide-legged pants.

4. Fourth outfit on the list a dashing bedazzled maroon ‘Agbada’ that was paired with a matching traditional hat, a maroon shoe, and matching pants.

5. This fifth outfit is the true definition of urban fashion, and Prince Nelson fully embodies it.

He wore an orange colored suede jacket, with a white shirt and a black tie underneath. This jacket and shirt was paired with three-quarter pants that didn’t reach the ankles. He topped off the look with bold socks, and tabby shoes.

6. Casual outfits never looked this good until Prince Nelson put a spin on it. In this picture, he can be seen wearing a white shirt that has a hoodie.

He paired this shirt with loose fitted Arabian inspired trousers that made the outfit look majestic.

7. In this last picture, Prince Nelson represented the official green and white Nigerian colors with his outfit.

The outfit in question is a green satin jacket, paired with a white collared shirt, and green satin trousers.

Prince also wore green and white sneakers that complimented the outfit.

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