Creative hairstyle ideas that can upgrade your look

Creative hairstyle ideas that can upgrade your look

Hairstyles have the power to change your entire appearance, and as such, it is important to pay attention to the type of hairstyle you choose to carry. There are thousands of hairstyles to choose from these days, but this article has curated a few that look creative, and will help you upgrade your look.

1 The first hairstyle here is popularly known as ‘Bantu’ and it has its origins in Ghana. However, a lot of Nigerians have coveted this style, and it is quite popular here. It is easily achievable and costs only a little amount of money, since it is not a complicated style. In fact, if you’re dedicated enough, you can achieve this hairstyle on your own without any help.

2 This second hairstyle recently became very popular, and it is quite tricky and requires a lot of expertise. It is a mixture of weaving and sew-ins that look like woven basket designs all around it. The disadvantage of this outfit is the fact that it is not suitable for professional settings like offices.

3 Number three on this list is a very unique hairstyle made with hair extensions, and styled to look like small puffy designs all over it. You can accessorize this hairstyle with cowries and beads to help with styling the hair. There are many ways to style this hair, which includes a ponytail or a donut style, which will help you look professional.

4 The fourth hairstyle on this list is a cute but simple hairstyle that is easily achievable. It is a simple ponytail that has two puffy hair extensions attached to it. You can opt to color the hair puff extensions in any shade, and it will still look amazing.

5 Last on this list is a gorgeous set of blue braids that were crocheted into the weave-ins underneath. This hairstyle looks very unique , mostly because of the color. However, you can switch it up by using a dimmer color like black or brown, to achieve a more mature and demurer look.

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