Court Fixes Date To Hear Suit On The Creation Of Biafra Republic –

Court Fixes Date To Hear Suit On The Creation Of Biafra Republic –

A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, on Friday, fixed March 30, 2023, to hear a suit filed by the Coalition of Northern Groups (CBN) seeking a referendum to determine the fate of Biafra and other self-determination agitations.

Recall that the CNG had in June 2021 dragged the National Assembly and the Attorney-General of the Federation to Court, asking it to compel the defendants to halt the ongoing constitutional review exercise and conduct a referendum to ascertain what determines Nigeria and who populates it.

But the case before the court presided over by Justice Inyang Ekwo could not be heard on Friday and was subsequently adjourned.

Speaking to newsmen, CNG lawyer, Sufiyanu Gambo Idris, said, “The case is slated to 30th of March 2023, even though they informed us right from the time that the court is not going to seat, but as we are not informed of any day, I decided to come down to ensure that I take the date, but even before I arrived, the date was already slated”.

In his remarks, the Counsel to the Ibom nation people movement, Adesina Oke, said “We are here, having realized there is a suit which has to do with the issue of self-determination of which of course the people of the movement have always been yearning for and we felt the best things to do is to ensure we join in the suit for determination of that self-determination that we have been asking for.

“The Ibom people, have been there for many years and is one of the ethnic groups that have such a history and it is important they can always see to the effects that the court could determine whether that self-determination is something that could be granted to us or not.

“Why we are joining of course, the application is before the court and the court is here to determine the joining of the Ibom people’s movement in the suite that is presently constituted, but we are hoping that by the time we are been added, we are likely just like any other applications from other ethnic nationality; we are going to have a bite of the cherry for this issue that is pending before the court.

“A lot of ethical nationalities are also asking the same question to have a referendum of their self-determination and to have unhindered access to their resources.

“You can always imagine that a lot of resources are within the confines of Ibom, Akwa Ibom people of over nine million, but few of them are integrated into the Nigeria system, and this is why self-determination is determining, and one must be determined, so people can know how to go about it.

“Just like it has been said, they are several instruments that point to that, both internationally and even within the confines of the national law, so this is what we want to try before the court and see whether we can have the law on our side because we are peaceful people and we don’t want violence in the country, but we have the right to ask for this and we hope that the court will uphold our argument with respect.”

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