Communication skills rank as LinkedIn’s most-in-demand skill for 2024 

Communication skills rank as LinkedIn’s most-in-demand skill for 2024 

Communication skills have secured the top spot in LinkedIn’s Most In-Demand Skills 2024 report for the second consecutive year. 

The findings seen by Nairmetrics indicate that individuals who received the most recruiter InMail or were recently hired often featured communication skills as one of the top attributes on their LinkedIn profiles.

Additionally, communication emerged as the consistent requirement in job adverts and person specifications across LinkedIn’s job board.  This underscores the widespread belief among thousands of employers worldwide in the importance of effective workplace communication. 

Crucially, the report shows the shift to the hybrid working model, which is becoming increasingly prevalent globally. Consequently, employees are engaging in communication and collaboration across a growing array of channels and platforms. 

According to the report, “Since in-person collaboration is no longer the default, effective communication from company and team leadership across channels helps connect, motivate, and inspire your teams”. 

 Key trends affecting Communication in the workplace   

Looking at 2024 and beyond, leaders, managers, and aspiring professionals must prioritize skill development, especially in soft skills like communication, which are often resilient against job displacement caused by AI.  

Achieving this goal entails cultivating awareness of key factors influencing our organizations, which inherently shape our daily communication and collaboration efforts. 

Here are some of the key trends shaping communication in the workplace: 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Since the onset of the AI Boom in late 2022, artificial intelligence has already transformed the landscape of communication both internally and externally within the business realm. AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot facilitate more efficient and clear collaboration. 

These tools aid in articulating messages effectively, ensuring streamlined communication and readily available data when drafting documents. 

Additionally, there are other AI-powered tools like Grain which complements video conferencing software by generating concise and detailed meeting transcripts and action items during and after meetings.

This enhances communication for projects, and transcripts can be easily shared with colleagues or stakeholders in the event of an absent participant. 

Mobile, Remote, And Hybrid Work 

Mobile, remote and hybrid work is another significant trend disrupting workplace communication which presents its own set of challenges.

This comes as we increasingly rely on collaboration platforms, ensuring timely communication which is akin to a physical office environment. 

Therefore, leaders and managers must bear the responsibility of upholding cybersecurity measures and establishing clear boundaries for remote work to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access.

This poses challenges, especially when employees work remotely or on mobile devices in public spaces where data may inadvertently be exposed. 

Furthermore, in remote or hybrid settings, ensuring inclusivity and full engagement of all employees is essential. It’s crucial that those working remotely feel valued and included, with their presence, ideas, and contributions recognized.

Managers and leaders must intentionally structure team meetings to engage everyone, irrespective of their physical presence in the office. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

Another emerging trend in workplace communication revolves around diversity and inclusion. It’s crucial for all employees to feel that their voices are heard, and beyond this, adapting your communication style to each coworker, team member, or stakeholder is essential. 

To achieve this, it’s important to consider factors such as each person’s background, culture, and age. For instance, workplace disruptions often arise when multiple generations fail to understand each other, leading to feelings of being underappreciated, unrecognized, or misunderstood among employees. 

Embracing inclusivity not only fosters a more competitive edge in your industry but also enables you to penetrate your market by creating an environment where fresh ideas and perspectives from diverse sources can thrive. 

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