Cleric condemns youth imitating Yahoo boys, committing internet frauds

Cleric condemns youth imitating Yahoo boys, committing internet frauds

Tajan Moltok, the resident pastor of Shepherd House International in Jos, has decried the rate at which youths in the country engage in internet scams.

Mr Moltok spoke during a sermon titled ‘Power to catch fire’ at the church service on Sunday in Jos.

“Our youths are being exposed to the fake lifestyle of Yahoo boys. This calls for prayers and having a quality relationship with God to overcome being coerced into these acts,” stated the Shepherd House pastor.

Mr Moltok added, “When you are on fire for God, the passion would be reflected in your relationship with Him and in your resilience in life in spite of challenges.

“The power of God also gives Christians the willpower against indulging in drug addiction, pressure to join cult groups, prostitution and other activities against God’s instructions.”

The cleric urged Christians not to join groups that expose them to immorality.

According to Mr Moltok, such groups corrupt the minds of Christians and feed their flesh to indulge in sensual activities against the instructions of God.

He urged his congregants and other Christian faithful to join groups that would not deviate them from God and challenged them to “hunger for God and his kingdom expansion on earth.”

Mr Moltok called for a revival by Christians, adding, “These current times are evil. We must hunger for God and his kingdom advancement.”

The clergyman also urged Christians to revive their prayer life and study the scriptures to be edified to resist evil. 


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