Chef Shocks Many by Showing Off The ‘Garri Pizza’ She Prepared (Video)

Chef Shocks Many by Showing Off The ‘Garri Pizza’ She Prepared (Video)


A young Nigerian chef has showed off the ‘garri pizza’ she made on social media.


The chef shared a video of the pizza while showing off her culinary skills.


@pamelakitch used garri instead of the usual leavened wheat-based dough to prepare the pizza.


In the shared video, the chef mixed yellow garri in a bowl until it rose, then blended it and added salt and baking powder. She baked it at high heat for some minutes.


Next, she added pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken sausage, olives, and arugula salad to the baked garri before heating it for more.


The chef mentioned that the recipe is quick and easy, encouraging others to try the garri pizza recipe.


The outcome of the garri pizza, however, looked sumptuous and almost like the real thing, capturing a wave of reactions from netizens.


Reactions trailing garri pizza recipe

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Watch the video below

@pamelakitch Quick and easy Garri pizza 🍕Will you give this recipe a try #garripizza #garri #pizza #baking #cooking #fyp #pamelasplate #pamelakitch ♬ original sound – aleeza (taylor’s version)

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