“Cheers to besties” Bo Hairs mocks Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald over their fall out (video)

“Cheers to besties” Bo Hairs mocks Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald over their fall out (video)

Popular businesswoman Bo Hairs has clearly been having the time of the day, following Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald’s fallout. She took to Instagram to make a video for an ad, and at the end of the video, she clinked her wine glass with her toddler, while chanting ‘cheers to besties’.

The statement ‘cheers to besties’ would’ve looked normal, if not for the fact that Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald had a fallout so huge that Ama’s sister had a major rant meltdown on social media about the whole saga.

If you’re concerned about Bo Hair’s glee over the fact that Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald are no longer friends, then here’s a quick recap. A while ago, Bo Hairs came out on social media to air out her concerns about her failing friendship with Hilda Baci. She claimed that she was friends with Hilda Baci first before Ama Reginald came into the picture.

After a while, Bo Hairs claimed that Hilda Baci withdrew from her, and became closer to Ama Reginald. According to her story, both Hilda and Ama completely withdrew from her when she got pregnant, even though they were the ones that encouraged her to get pregnant. She even claimed that Hilda Baci started cooking for Ama Reginald, and that is something she often did for her.

Bo Hairs came out with her story shortly after Hilda Baci got into the Guinness Book of Records for her cookathon challenge. During that time, Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald were thick as thick as thieves, attending events together and flaunting each other online. It seems that this open closeness between them motivated Bo Hairs to share her story.

If you’re still in doubt as to whether this recent post by Bo Hairs was a direct shade to Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald, then check out the comment she replied to from the post. A fan had made a comment about her enemies being at war. Bo Hairs responded by saying that her mother had told her not rejoice over people’s pain but cheers.

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