“Channel Your Resources Into Having Successful Marriage Rather Than Lavish Wedding”

“Channel Your Resources Into Having Successful Marriage Rather Than Lavish Wedding”

Kate Jones, a reality TV star, popularly known as Ka3na, advised singles hoping for grand weddings to concentrate on making their marriages work.

This is coming after Veekee James and her husband received widespread attention for their 200-person choir performance at their white wedding.

On her Instagram story, Ka3na talked on the necessity of attempting to improve today’s society.

She made the point that organising a lavish wedding costs a lot of money, time, and effort, all of which are wholly unnecessary.

The reality personality said it makes more sense to invest those resources to ensure the marriage lasts and to celebrate it with beautiful kids and sincere well-wishers after 20 years.

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She wrote,

“Honestly, in today’s society, we need to strive for improvement. Expending a significant amount of energy, time, and money on staging a spectacle for individuals who genuinely lack interest, all in the name of a wedding… why not channel those resources into ensuring the success of the marriage, enabling it to endure for 20 years? Then, you can organize a grand carnival to commemorate the union, with your genuine well wishers and beautiful children cheering you on. Now, that’s what I call a show!”


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