“Budget allocation of 5% is inadequate for Nigerian health sector”- MDCAN  

“Budget allocation of 5% is inadequate for Nigerian health sector”- MDCAN  

The Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) has criticised the federal government over the current 5% budgetary allocation to the health sector, emphasizing that it falls short of addressing the sector’s myriad challenges.  

Prof. Mohammad Mohammad, the President of MDCAN, stated this while briefing newsmen on the communique issued after the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in Uyo on Sunday. 

The NEC meeting, themed “Health Care Delivery in the Face of a Dwindling Economy: Role of Public – Private Sector Partnerships,” delved into concerns about the insufficient health budget in comparison to the Abuja Declaration’s recommendation of at least 15% budgetary allocation to the sector. 

What he said 

Prof. Mohammad called on governments at all levels to enhance their budgetary allocations to the health sector, aligning with the Abuja Declaration’s guidelines.  
He stressed the need for strategic measures to boost the nation’s economy, subsequently improving per capita spending on health. 
Highlighting the escalating costs of healthcare due to inflation and inadequate health insurance coverage, the MDCAN president urged the National Health Insurance Agency to enhance its enrollment to include vulnerable populations. 

In addition to budgetary concerns, Prof. Mohammad urged governments to address the factors contributing to the rise in mental health disorders among medical professionals and Nigerians.  

He emphasized the importance of prioritizing Emergency Response Services nationwide to tackle morbidity, mortality, and the burden of emergency cases. 

Expressing condolences for the victims of the Ibadan blast, Prof. Mohammad called on the government to strictly adhere to rules and regulations regarding the acquisition, transportation, and storage of explosives to prevent future incidents. 

He concluded by advising all Nigerians, especially healthcare workers, to remain vigilant about Lassa Fever, observe universal precautions, and utilize Personal Protective Equipment. 

What you should know 

The Abuja Declaration of 2001, a commitment by African Union countries, urges nations to allocate at least 15 per cent of their annual budgets to the health sector. 
The Nigerian federal government has not committed to the 15% allocation, allocating less than 7% per year.  
According to the 2024 fiscal year budget, the federal government allocated N1,336,263,783.101 to the health sector out of its total budget of N28,777,404,073,861. 
The MDCAN’s call for increased budgetary allocations aligns with the goals of this declaration. 

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