Breaking: Remo Majestic Hotel Armed Robbery Attack: Survivor Tasks IGP Egbetokun

Breaking: Remo Majestic Hotel Armed Robbery Attack: Survivor Tasks IGP Egbetokun

One of the survivors of the armed robbery attack on Majestic Hotel,Sagamu on Friday the 6th of Octobber 2023 has asked the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egebetokun to reward one of the gallant men of the nation’s Police Force who fought and defended the lodgers and their belongings against the men of the underworld who came to attack the said hotel,CityNews Nigeria reports.

According to the lodger who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, the said police officer literally put his life on the line for everyone in the hotel as the armed robbers who had come to attack ‘them’ came fully armed and were ready to do a clinical job.

Whilst speaking to the Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of CityNews Nigeria the lodger praised the said to high heavens for his bravery and gallantry which he described as highly commendable and one that must not go unrewarded.

CityNews Nigeria had reported that Hotel Majestic was attacked in the wee hours of Friday by a number of armed robbers.According to the Ogun State Police Command, a police Inspector and two security guards were shot by the suspected armed robbers.

Eyewitness/Survivors’s account of the survivors/lodgers;

We arrived sagamu around 1pm at the Remo Majestic hotel premises.

We were 5 in number alonmed robbery attack;

g with 2 mobile police men approved and assigned to us from lagos.
The hotel has a main/New building and opposite it in another compound an annex of same hotel but much older building. Some of us stayed in the main hotel building while one of our friends and the 2 mopol men stayed in the annex due to non availability of rooms.

The whole incident started around 12.30am Friday morning with the sound of gunshots. I received a call from one of our armed mopol escort informing me of the presence of armed hoodlums at the annex who were trying to gain access and asking where the armed escorts were.

Important to note that before the armed hoodlums went to the annex they had tried to breach the main hotel premises with gunshots and a cutter. They had shot one of 3 armed mopol of the hotel and the gateman. When they realized it was difficult, they proceeded to the annex.

The hoodlums proceeded to kick down each room and dispossessed occupants of valuables ie money, phone, laptop and jewelry.

Our armed escorts proceeded to take position on floors above while keeping in touch with myself and their superior in Lagos. Their bosses in Lagos contacted the Remo and ogun state command for reinforcements.

One of our armed escorts then proceeded to engage the armed hoodlums. He shot and killed one of them thereby taking his pump action and recovered a bag containing valuables belonging to hotel guests.

He further engaged another armed hoodlum who at this point was trying to access the room. He shot his two legs before the hoodlum entered the roof.
The hero armed mopol from lagos was however shot and injured before reinforcements arrived.

This corrective story is important to highlight the heroic stand of the armed mopol which helped save the lives of a lot of people before reinforcements arrived.

Maybe none of us would be alive if not for his actions that held back the armed hoodlums before reinforcements arrived.
He deserves a commendation from the IGP.
He is truly a hero.

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