Best-Performing Stocks on the NGX in January 2024

Best-Performing Stocks on the NGX in January 2024

In 2024, the NGX achieved remarkable gains, concluding on February 2, 2024, with an All-Share Index of 104,421.23 points, reflecting a year-to-date gain of 39.65%.

This is just 6.25 percentage points below the 45.90% gain recorded throughout 2023.

As of January 31, 2023, the NGX’s All-Share Index closed at 101,154.46 points, indicating a monthly gain of 35.28% in January 2024.

Investors saw an increase of about N14.44 trillion as the NGX’s market cap rose from N40.92 trillion to N55.36 trillion during the month.

The market’s impressive performance in January 2024 was attributed to the notable gains of specific stocks, and Nairametrics has diligently tracked these top-performing stocks. Here is a list of the best-performing stocks on the NGX in January 2024:

10. Transcorp Hotels – +38.8%

Between January 2 and January 31, 2024, Transcorp Hotels saw a surge in its share price from N70.18 to N97.40, representing a gain of 38.8%.

The hospitality group’s equity increased by N278.8 billion on the NGX during the month, with its market capitalization closing at N997.6 billion, up from the N718.8 billion recorded at the beginning of 2024.

On January 11, Transcorp Hotels briefly joined the Stocks Worth Over One Trillion (SWOOT) category, reaching a market capitalization of N1.02 trillion, but dipped below the N1 trillion mark on January 30, 2024.

9. BUA Foods – +40.5%

BUA Foods, the largest consumer goods stock on the NGX, recorded a monthly gain of 40.5% in January 2024. The group’s share price increased from N198.90 at the start of January to N271.80 at the close of trading on January 31, 2024.

BUA Foods’ market capitalization gained N1.41 trillion during the month, rising from N3.48 trillion to N4.89 trillion.

8. Geregu Power – +42.4%

Geregu Power Plc, the sole power company trading on the NGX, demonstrated stellar performance in 2024. The company’s stock appreciated by 42.4%, moving from a share price of N399.00 to N568.00 in January 2024.

Over the month, the company’s market capitalization increased by 42.4%, from N997.5 billion on January 2 to N1.42 trillion on January 31.

Geregu Power entered the SWOOT category on January 15, when its share price hit N429, reflecting a market capitalization of N1.07 trillion.

7. Unity Bank – +43.8%

Unity Bank Plc recorded an impressive gain of 43.8% in January 2024, with its share price rising from N1.62 to N2.33.

The bank’s market capitalization also increased by N8.3 billion, moving from N18.9 billion at the start of January to N27.2 billion at the end of the month.

6. Transnational Corporation (TRANSCORP) – +49.7%

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