Basic self-care tips that can improve your personal hygiene

Basic self-care tips that can improve your personal hygiene

Keeping up with personal hygiene is very important, and regardless of your gender, you need to be intentional about your hygiene. This article will teach you the basics of personal hygiene that you’ve been missing out on. 

1 Double cleansing: This may seem like a lot of work, but it is worth it in the end. When taking a shower, rinse your body with a soap bar to get the initial dirt off, rinse and then use an exfoliating sponge to double cleanse.

2 Invest in a good deodorant: It is better to own a deodorant without owning a perfume, and this is because no matter the amount of perfume you spray, if you have body odor, you’ll still smell rancid. You can either use a roll-on or an underarm spray that has the longevity of twenty-four hours. 

3 Wash your clothes: This may seem like a mundane thing, but it plays a huge role in how you smell. If your clothes are not well washed, especially around the armpits, it can create a bad odor for you, even if you use perfume.

4 Brush your teeth: This is one of the fundamentals of personal hygiene that cannot be ignored. In order to achieve a fresh breath, make sure to brush your teeth and tongue after every meal. This will help to kill the bacteria that creates mouth odor. Apart from brushing your teeth, you can floss, and this helps to remove food particles between your teeth. 

5 Invest in good perfume: This is a tricky one because people tend to do too much when it comes to perfumes. You don’t need to break the bank when purchasing perfumes, as you can opt for affordable ones that smell good. Please note that strong and overbearing scents are not flattering, and may often cause inconvenience to people around you.

6 Shave your armpit: The collection of overgrown hair in your armpits are part of the reasons why you sweat a lot, despite using deodorants. You can either use shaving cream or a shaving stick to get the work done.

Wash your towels: As simple as it sounds, clean towels have a great impact on your personal hygiene. You can’t have a dirty towel and not expect body odor to creep in. It is more advisable to use white towels because you can easily know when they get dirty. As a side note, it is important to own two towels, so you can use one on your face and the other on your body. This is because using the same towel all over your body, and then using it on your face can cause breakouts. 

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