Association lauds Gov. Aliyu for demolishing illegal structures in Sokoto

Association lauds Gov. Aliyu for demolishing illegal structures in Sokoto

The association of donkey and horse sellers in Sokoto State has praised Gov. Ahmed Aliyu’s proactive efforts to demolish illegal structures.

According to the group, the action is a crucial step towards restoring business flow in the region.

Abubakar Zoramawa, the association’s chairman, conveyed this appreciation while addressing journalists in Sokoto on Saturday.

Mr Zoramawa highlighted the adverse impact of the previous administration’s decision to sell spaces designated for commercial purposes, stating that it significantly hindered business activities within their market.

“The government allocated this space to foster the buying and selling of horses and donkeys, which have historically contributed to the state’s economic growth.

“Unfortunately, in 2022, our association’s designated area was allegedly sold by the previous leadership for the construction of stores and shops.

“This action has continued to obstruct the market’s visibility and disrupt business flow,” Mr Zoramawa said.

He emphasised the detrimental consequences, adding that the action led to job losses among their members as the market no longer attracted customers due to the obscured view.

Mr Zoramawa appealed to Mr Aliyu to uphold his commitment and ensure the removal of any illegal structures, particularly within marketplaces.

Expressing gratitude, the chairman acknowledged the governor’s dedication to creating a conducive environment for all business activities, fostering economic growth and overall development.


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