Abaribe urges caution over Southeast attacks

Abaribe urges caution over Southeast attacks

By Uja Emmanuel, Makurdi


Senate Minority Leader Enyinnaya Abaribe yesterday urged the Federal Government to embrace a civil approach in addressing security challenges in the Southeast rather than making hasty generalisations.

Reacting to the incessant attacks in the region, the president threatened to clamp down on those “misbehaving in certain parts of the country”.

“Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand,” he had said.

But, speaking on Arise TV, Abaribe said the Federal Government should not make general assumptions on the attacks in the Southeast, as that can lead to persecution of innocent people.

He said: “Suppose these attacks being done in quick succession in Igboland are meant to scuttle the proposal for an Igbo presidency — I hope you can also look at it from that perspective.

“But we don’t know. And what we’ve been saying is try to fish out some people; try to investigate; try to hold some people and conduct a thorough investigation. Then, we’ll know who is doing this, who their sponsors are and why they are doing it.


“Civil engagement dictates that you investigate, apprehend and prosecute.

“We are happy that Nigerians are seeing that what is here is not an Igbo problem, but a criminal syndicate going around all parts of the county and the government needs to unravel this.

“If criminals burn a police station, you do nothing and then go and arrest every villager that you see on the street; which is what is going on in the Southeast.

“You are not resolving the issue. What you’re letting everybody to know is that it is us versus them, which is not a good way of building unity in the country.

“Conduct an in-depth investigation, bring and try them in court, not to just round up youths that you see, conduct extra-judicial killings and say you’ve resolved the issue. You don’t.

“You pushed it underground and it continued to fester. So, we have been calling for an engagement that will resolve the issue bedevilling the country.”

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