2024 Budget: Your Contribution Must Go Beyond Criticism

2024 Budget: Your Contribution Must Go Beyond Criticism

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas has urged Nigerians to contribute to nation building.

He pleaded with the citizenry to tone down the criticism on the government.

Speaking at the House of Representatives Town Hall on the 2024 budget in Abuja on Monday, Abbas emphasised the responsibility of lawmakers to ensure that the annual appropriation addresses the needs of every Nigerian citizen.

He encouraged citizens in public engagement to support the budget’s aspirations and contribute with constructive, evidence-based suggestions.

Speaking further, he emphasized the importance of strengthening legislative supervision with a commitment to ensuring that budget implementation aligns with legislative intent.

He said, “I call on all of you to support the aspirations of this budget and suggest ways through which the National Assembly can strengthen the proposal to deliver better economic growth and development.

“Your contributions must go beyond mere criticism to constructive and evidence-based suggestions on how we can improve the budget process and make the budget more responsive to the needs of all Nigerians

“My fellow compatriots, I appeal and urge you to follow up with the oversight and supervision of the implementation process after passage.

“Your participation can go a long way in strengthening and enhancing legislative oversight. We will leverage our expertise to ensure that the budget implementation aligns with legislative intent.”

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